WHOA HO WOW~Dandy Warhols London Concert

I heard that if you put your band name or your name in your song, you’ll be hot. And it’s quite true, there are many popular singers keep repeating their name in their song. I guess this is the way to show how proud of yourself you are. And why do I mention this? They did not sing their name, didn’t they? Yes they did, well, at least half here.

I went to Dandy Warhols concert last Saturday. I wasn’t a big fan of their songs, a little old-style for me. But they were active since 1994, so senior, and I know this would be the only chance for me to see them, so I bought the ticket 3 days before the concert. Amazingly, there still are some tickets left!

Concert was at hmv forum at Kentish Town, it opened at 7, but when we arrived at 8, there weren’t many people. So we grab a kebab and came back, it was 8:40pm, the perfect time to get in.

Everybody was just so excited to see Dandy Warhols.

I’m always exciting to go to concerts, especially from those who has music videos and albums, I can preview their music first. I don’t like to give my virgin-ear (totally new songs from totally new artists) to a live concert unless it’s an artist I know really well. Anyway, these are Dandy Warhols’s best hits.

This is probably the most famous song. I think the hook of this song is “WHOA HO WOW”! “Everyday Should Be A Holiday”, it was when the band took a break, the keyboard player Zia McCabe went to ladys, Courtney Taylor-Taylor hold his guitar and sang this song, really cool. When entering chorus, he played the wrong chord and shout “Fuuuck~~~”. Turned out he was playing wrong key on the Verses and only found out on the Chorus. He said “let’s do it again” then perfectly finished this song. It’s the most precious part of this concert!

And here is my best during the concert. Really like this kind of story-telling style of verses, and the explosion of the chorus, especially when the lyrics is sarcastic in any sense.

And during the concert, they announced that the new album will be released in 3 days, which is tomorrow! They performed some of the new songs, they were really good actually, totally not old-style for me anymore.

Really enjoyed the 2 hours concert, it wasn’t feeling any long, proved that they are really good.

At the end of the concert, because everybody just didn’t want to leave, or maybe people thought it’s not over yet, so everybody just stayed there. So Zia McCabe came back to the stage, sang a good night song to everybody, the funny thing is, even if she sang with her off-key tune (maybe because there’s no instrument to tell her the right key), but everybody was just so happy to see her singing, and after she finished, finally people would leave.

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