Trips to Arlon and Luxembourg, and Going to Andenne and Paris

This is pictures taken at Arlon train station. The post is divided by two portion, started writing it this morning while waiting for the flight, and then finished after arriving.

11:28a.m. in London

Now in London City Airport. Down.

Sometimes when they say they have free wifi, and maybe they do, just they only make the router working and forget to connect the router to the Internet. This is why I’m so down here, arrived 3 hours before departure, thinking about it’s so good that I could just bring my laptop and sit down working on my projects EVERYWHERE. I’m literally a free woman.

But life isn’t always full of luck, is it? As a web developer with a web startup, there’s no way for me to work without Internet. So I open TextEdit to give a little moan here. I guess “no internet” is a sign for me to not work, but do some personal thing, for example, organizing the piles of pictures in Picasa, and writing a blog post, while listening to Adele’s songs (not recommend it. They are so sad, especially “Lovesong”, please, “however far away, I will always love you, whatever words I’d say, I will always love you”, how could you sing out the secret crap in my heart? and “Someone like you” is even worse!).

So I’m flying away from London again for a week, but this time I’ll spend 4 days in Paris. Really excited about this. Even though I haven’t planed anything in Paris yet, but I’m sure I’ll meet some people who’ll be willing to give me advice or maybe even show me around. Searched “Paris” on, the same way I discovered London, and RSVPed some meet ups – I’m going to discover the city, not in a tourist way (uh, maybe still a little tourism).

Also booked a room on airbnb, and the most delightful thing is the host has guitars and instruments, and said I can play it. Wow!

Okay. So let’s talk about last week, after my nephew was born, I found some time to take short trips in the countryside city Arlon, and the tiny country Luxembourg.

My sister lives in a small town Arlon. It’s close to the border of Belgium and Luxembourg. Everybody speaks in French, no English, I felt like I’m an alien. But after locking ourselves (I mean me and my mum) at my sister’s place for a long time, watching the baby is eventually not enough to entertain us. So we went to Arlon Market.

There are many, kind of cherry blossoms, very beautiful.

The market is quite not interesting actually, not because it’s full of old people, but even if the clothes are cheap they are not pretty. But I like the whole “market atmosphere”.

The best part is there was a band playing music everywhere, I mean they walk around, stop once in a while and play music, then walk again. I catch them in a pub. They play swing, which is one of my favorite genre and it made my day!

PS. If you’re going to buy an iPhone 4S, please don’t buy the 16GB one, because it’s really not enough.

PPS. I hate it when the toilet use a sensor to flush, they always flush while I’m still sitting on it. Damn.

10:16p.m. in Belgium

Now in my sister’s place, finishing playing with the baby.

Writing blog while traveling brings this problem, you can never finish a post in one place. And after moving your body to another place, your mind changes, no longer be able to go back to the previous mood.

Anyway, after my birthday, I went to Luxembourg city by myself, took train from Arlon to Luxembourg. It’s a tiny but beautiful city, people are happy there cuz the tax is low, and it’s a rich country.

I walked around the city, took pictures, enjoyed the sunlight and and city. Although I didn’t have anything to buy, only wrote some post cards, but it was a comfy way to discover a city.

There was a football machine on the street, kids were playing. See, they are not players, they are cows.

Then I tried the kind of McDonald restaurant called “Quick”. The hamburger was great with mustard sauce, loved it.

The plans for this following week will be going to Andenne visiting Sergei’s brother and then it’s the exodus of my personal adventure in Paris for 4 days. Looking forward to it.

And let’s finish this post by many pictures from Luxembourg. If you find it interesting to see my posts and photos, follow me on Twitter (@hanamizuki) /Facebook or subscribe my RSS feed. I am hitting the bed, again. Good night. (✿◠‿◠)