Tragedy Happened at Luxembourg International Airport with Luxair


Pic: when I was saying goodbye to my sister. I have the time record on these pictures, it was 5:53p.m.. They left right after that and I was still waiting in front of the screen.

Finally arrived in London. I lost my flight ticket for nothing yesterday, and I want to make the whole story published.

Yesterday I finish my Paris trip, my sister and her husband Sergei came with me to Luxembourg International Airport 2 hours before departure. My flight departed at6:50p.m.. We arrived at around 4:40p.m.. and we checked the screen that shows the information about check-in desks and gates. But on my flight the check-in desk and gate was empty. It’s normal when you arrive too early and it usually shows up soon. So we went to a Cafe. Until 5:40p.m. I felt bad to keep them waiting with me as they are carrying a baby who was born 20 days ago. We checked the screen again, still not showing the check-in desk and gate. Didn’t want to keep them waiting with me so I said good bye to them.

After they left, I was standing in front of the screen waiting for the announcement, until 6:10p.m. I finally saw on the screen it shows “go to gate” at my flight, but still didn’t see the check-in desk nor gate number. So I went to information desk to ask the lady. She said “oh we don’t show the check-in counter for Luxair, because it’s always at desk 18 to 22.” I was like “How would I know!” and ran to check in. It was around 6:10p.m..

On desk 18, the lady took my itinerary and passport, I was waiting there because there seemed to be problems, she took the phone to call someone (should be calling the gate) at least twice, and did some search on her machine, then she told me “Sorry madam it’s too late to check in, the flight is closed.” I was surprised and said “What do you mean it’s closed? I arrived really early and I was waiting in front of the screen to see where to check in, could you do something for me, please?” then she called on the phone again and said “Sorry there’s nothing I can do, the flight is overbooked and it’s closed. And I noticed that your ticket is not changeable, you’ll have to go to the ticketing to buy a new one.”

It’s really strange, it’s not my fault to not check-in on time, they didn’t show me where to check-in, and there were still 40 minutes. It’s unlikely they would refuse me.

So I went to the ticketing counter, the left one. I explained her the situation again. The lady checked my itinerary, and said no its too late to check in now. I asked “The lady at check-in desk said it’s overbooked, is it the reason?” She right away insisted “No it’s not overbooked!” And she started to be impatient and unfriendly.

At the moment I thought “okay so maybe the lady at check-in desk was wrong.” then I asked when the next flight is, she said only tomorrow morning, I asked what time and more details, she was really hasty and told me “7, or, 11, in the morning!” in a impolite way, it’s like it’s killing her to deal with me as a visitor who just lost her ticket without doing anything wrong.

And then she told me “and the ticket for tomorrow is €396.”

I was thinking screw it, it’s 5 times more expensive than the one I bought, so I says thank you and text my sister asking for help. It was already 6:50p.m., so impossible to get on the plane.

Sergei arrived at around 7:00p.m.. He lived here and he was with me waiting for the check-in desk number to be shown in the screen, he could totally understand. Moreover he speaks French, it’s better than me using English to argue with them. We went to queue at the ticketing desk again, there was a German man arguing with them too, we waited for about 10 minutes, and talked to them. But the lady who was being impatient to me now was totally fed up and asked us to go to the Luxair services. Okay, so we went.

The Luxair Services counter is in a small room, we went in and Sergei started to explain the situation again with the lady on the left, I couldn’t understand their French but I saw the lady sometimes look at me and did many headshake. They talked for about 10 minutes.

Later on Sergei translated what she said, basically she said I should arrive at least on hour and check in earlier, it’s my mistake to not know the check-in counter as they show a Luxair logo in front of the check-in desk. And she said I’m the only one who missed the flight because of this. It’s like I’m stupid to check the screen, and I’m not able to handle my own trip.

She said if we couldn’t get information from the screen it’s not their (Luxair) fault, we should go argue with the airport. And we can write complain letter as we like. Then she started to talk to other colleagues and ignored us.

So we went to the Information Desk, where I asked where to check-in in the beginning. The girl there was friendly, said sorry she knew this problem and this kind of thing happens all the time. “It happens all the time!” She gave us a spare complain letter and told us how to do.

On the way home I couldn’t stop thinking how could this happen, I figure out it must be the overbooking problem. If it’s not overbooked, they should let me check-in anyway as it’s not that late when I finally know went to check-in. So it could only be a lie when the ticketing lady said it’s not about overbooking.

In the end I bought another ticket. I’m sad not only for losing money also the insulting and humiliation they treat me with, it hurts so much. I totally lost the faith on Luxair and even Luxembourg International Airport. It’s an international airport, they have the responsibility to take care of the foreigns who are impossible to know their own little rule : Luxair has specific desks and you should know where it is.

Again, just to clear up the timeline.

(Flight depart at 6:50p.m.)


Me, my sister and her Belgium husband and their baby arrived in Luxembourg International Airport.


We checked the screen that shows all the flights’ information, but my flight had not show anything. So we went to a Cafe and wait.


We checked again but the screen still didn’t show anything refer to my flight


We have been in front of the screen for 10 mins and they have to go home, we kissed goodbye.


I was still watching the screen, then I finally saw on the screen it shows “go to gate” at my flight, didnt see the check-in desk nor gate number. So I went to the Information desk. She told me Luxair is always at the same desks and don’t show on screen.


I ran to check in, she used phone to call somewhere and said its nothing she can help as it’s overbooked.


Went to the ticketing, queuing there


Ticketing counter said it’s too late to check in and I can buy a ticket for tomorrow for €396. And she denied it’s overbooked.


My sister and Sergei came back and Sergei talked to them again. At Luxair services counter she said its not their responsibility to make us know where to check in, I’m the only case that couldn’t find it.


We went to airport information desk, the lady agreed that it’s the airport’s bad and this happens all the time.

A real and truly frustrating story, isn’t it? I stop here, I’m in London now, finally.