The Best Beer, Big Houses and Barbecue in Belgium



Now I’m on the train to Luxembourg, last time on this train 4 days ago I was writing a post via “WordPress iPhone app”, but it’s gone when I tried to upload a picture without Internet access, stupid.

I’ve made the decision to learn to write on iPhone, using bits and pieces of time instead of having to find a 2~3 hours to sit down and write. Now if I have time I’ll just turn on my iPhone and write.


So I have to practice typing on iPhone, right now even if I have my MacBook in front of me, I’m still using my iPhone. Downloaded WordPress app and Tiny Desk, I’ll try both through and tell you which one is better. So far I think WordPress is better, cuz Tiny Desk doesn’t work off-line. Oh!


At the moment I have more motivation to write about Paris, but I should recover the post I wrote but didn’t save 4 days ago (God knows how frustrating it was to make me mention so many times).

So I went to Sergei’s (my brother in law) brother Ivann’s big house, he is a good engineer, knows about cars thoroughly, he can disasemble a car and rebuild it from scratch, sound’s really cool. He’s got a lot of classic cars in his garage, for others they may be just garbage but by his hands they can become totally valuable again.


He has a really cute dog called Iakov. I said “cute” because he (the dog) is good and genuinely welcome even strangers. But he is actually huge. You can think he’s smart as when u throw things he can run and catch it, and when you ask him (in French) to close the door he will do it, and you can ask him to jump on the chair and sit down, also even if you put sausage in front of him he won’t eat it without your permission. But you can also think he’s still a child because when he catchs the ball you throw he doesn’t take it back to you, and when you’re away he will still eat the sausage, but all the movements he does were just so adorable. He goes to dog-training school, I think he is a good student.


So Ivann has a really good dog. This time I also found that he is a professional beer taster. He has the best beers in the world. He opened two of them to let us try, really generous! My sister Koyun liked it as well.

Before we tasted it, we have Chimay and Westmalle (both are Belgium beers) to prepare our stomach for the best beer “Westvleteren”, don’t know if it a strategy to finally be tipsy by the best beer. The beer is strong but you don’t feel hard to drink, it’s actually quite smooth and easy to drink, a little bitter and a little sweet. Even Yien (my nephew) loves it. (it’s a joke)


And at Ivann’s yard, we played the sweep machine as a racing cart, haha, it was so exciting because the ground is not flat.


After that we went to Ivann and Sergei’s father Leon’s house, a big house as well. We did barbecue, really delicious. Their dad is a really funny guy in the sense of he is quite on he’s own in every ways. For example, he’s obsessed about coupons, he is an expert of collecting, analyzing and hacking all kinds of coupons, he always finds cheaper solutions to everything. Sometimes he even finds the bug in some of the sales deals, like mix and match, sometimes there’s bug and you can find a way to make it even cheaper. Not that he’s poor, he just does this for fun.


Leon is a generally lazy man, he washes the dishes only once a week, and he only has a few dishes to wash. So but how does he use the limited amount of dishes? Yes he put them in the fridge, he has a dish for icecream, one for meat, one for sauce, one for dessert, every time he finish using them, he put the dishes in the fridge, so in his fridge(quite empty) you can see plenty of empty but dirty dishes. He normally eats foods from the can, in this way he doesn’t even need a dish. He has a happy and free life, always makes everybody laugh.


So I finished the trip in Belgium, next stop Paris. Actually now I’m leaving Paris, I’ll write another post about Paris soon, it was like a dream, loving it.This is my first post produced on iPhone, I can say I have sore muscles on my right arm. I need a massage!