Process of simplifying personal luggages


Now I’m on a bus traveling to the new room in London, can’t even count how many times I had to migrate in the past two months. Have to carry my luggage – which is about 20KG, can’t judge me saying this is too much, cuz they are everything I need. This is after so many traveling, I eliminated things I need to the minimum, it’s not easy and I learnt from every time I wanted to give up bringing something but couldn’t, and turned out I didn’t even use them.

For example, the first time I decided to come to London for 2 months, I went to post office sending one box full of my stuff in advanced, and when I came here I brought 30KG of luggages with me. Turned out the 3 books (including one recipe book), 4 jackets, 2 jeans, many leggings and tights, plenty of clothes and shoes and trainers and skirts and dresses and swim suits and cosmetics and accessories I brought aren’t really used. I even wanted to bring a rice cooker!

So the next time I gave up many things, as the stuff I sent by mail I had to send them back again and it was expensive, I only brought 2 books, 2 jackets, 10 clothes, 2 jeans, 4 shoes including trainers, 1 dress, no skirt and swim suit. As for the accessories I only brought 1 pair of ear rings and 2 necklace. Also I brought my microphone and recording gears, wanted to use them to create some music.

But turned out I only used the gears once, only used the trainers once, only read the books on toilet.


Now this time is my third long stay in London, I finally learnt to eliminate my luggage to the least, this time when I arrived, my luggage was only 17KG. I brought 0 book, 1 jacket, 7 clothes, 3 shoes (boots, small shoes and heeled), no trainers, also I eliminate the toiletry and cosmetics as well.

For me, from having to brought 30KG of luggage to 17KG was quite a big achievement, as a girl who likes to dress up, I have to say it’s not easy. I make sure everything I brought, I use them. Maybe on my next trip, I will still improve myself to bring less stuff. Simplicity is the best!

Now I arrived the new room I’m staying for the rest of my days in London, getting ready to work! I’ll write about Paris soon!