Llamas in London city farm Mudchute Park and Farm

When I’m feeling anxious, like there’s something stuck on my chest, I would take out my ESCENTS BREEZE and inhale the bergamot&oakmossm and I feel better. Lately I found that LLAMA has the same treatment effect, feeling so peaceful just to see their face.

So I went to London city farm Mudchute Park and Farm last Saturday, felt good to escape from the city to the big nature, alright, at least it’s big enough to contain in a whole photo.

There were mother and son feeding the goat.

And the stuff feeding the pigs, pigs were so happy, couldn’t stop making their little pig sound.

And cow.

Sheep are cleaning the grass.

And it’s my destination: LLAMA! Saw them from far away and it already made me feel so funnily peaceful. They just don’t move, staring into the space, and stay still. They don’t do many things but they just exist, and it’s enough to shake the world cuz everybody love them.

Lately my life is strangely peaceful, I’m still recovering myself, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but this is life, you have to let go to get things you want, try your best the catch the things that you think it’s precious and worth it and let the others go. I’ve got so many plans in the future, in Taiwan or in London or somewhere else, who knows what’s my next destination? I’d like to go to South America or Africa for a trip, once I eliminate those redundant elements in my heart, I think I’ll be brave enough to go back on my track.

Llamas in London city farm Mudchute Park and Farm – Miss Hana’s Blog miss-hana.com/llamas-in-lond…

— Hana 花水木 (@hanamizuki) April 25, 2012

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