Learnt - Not everyone will like you, FACE IT


I met many people lately, at least for me it’s “many”. Today I finally got a grasp: Not everyone WILL or SHOULD like you, and face it.

It occurs to me that I feel depressed because I can’t make people like me. When I was playing in a band, sometimes I went out to other band and jam with them, and it happened to me that the drummer really liked my music, but guitar and bass player didn’t like me. Or only the guitar or bass players liked my music and my singing but the drummer think I’m stupid.

I used to focus on making everyone like me, I adjusted my singing or my music, tried to know what exactly they wanted me to improve. But in the end I found it impossible to make everyone like me, my style. It’s basically physically impossible to bend a light.

Lately it depress me when I feel the person doesn’t agree with me or genuinely doesn’t think I’m cool. When it happens I feel frustrated. There must be some problem on me so they are not interested. Then I started to feel remorse and shame, thinking maybe it’s because I’m a girl, the bias tells people that a girl can not do big things. Or maybe it’s because I’m a Asian.

But when I rethought about it, from my point of view, I don’t think everybody is cool either. Most of the people I met, I don’t think they are cool. And the more people I meet, my standard goes higher, means it’s hard for me to be interested in people or products. So why would I think everyone should be interested in my stuff? It’s a really selfish thought.

I have been taught that when doing fundraising, you must have a thick skin, hustle and always be confident. I have heard about that but sometimes you just don’t get the point when you are really there. (by the way, we are NOT doing fundraising)

I have another totally irrelevant story to share. With a totally irrelevant picture.


The other day after I finished a meeting in San Francisco, I couldn’t find where I parked my car, couldn’t even remember where is the car park – it was ridiculous because the car park is a public one and kind of big. I thought I know exactly where it was but when I got there there was just no car park, or not the one I park my car. I remembered I only spend 5 minutes to walk to the meeting place from the car, so impossible to be too far.

I spent 1 hour walking around looking for the car park, and that area in San Francisco wasn’t a good one, many homeless playing around, shouting, doing smelly things. Because I was walking around too many times, at some point one of them came talk to me, “what are you looking for?” I said I can’t find my car park. He asked about the type of the car park and said “maybe it’s there, there is one car park” and he pointed a direction where I didn’t think my car should be there. Totally the other way than I thought my car should be. But at the courtesy I still said “Okay thanks I’ll give it a try”.

Then he asked me for money. I gave him $6. Didn’t think I should say no, at least he wanted to help. Even if my car is impossible to be there.

When I was feeling bad about all this, I really found the car park, at where he pointed.

Sometimes homeless people JUST GOT THE LUCK.

PS. The BLOCK CAPITAL style is what I learnt from 500 Startups. ε=٩(●❛ö❛)۶