Emotion Doesn't Help Your Business


Time flies, like I said it will only flies quicker, so things should move. This is the sixth Tuesday since I joined 500 Startups, my lovely resident mentor Tim reminded me that I haven’t kept my writing so here I am.

It’s been one month but the kickoff meeting is yesterday. Even that many things are not the same. I drafted some plans and courses that I wanted to focus during the days here, but eventually I’m doing renovating everyday, renovating my brain is the only thing I do.

There are too many thoughts I want to share as it’s been a roller coaster for me the past month, but today I’d talk about emotions.

Emotion doesn’t help your business. Sometimes you find people not interested and get hurt, while there are some people really interested but you took it for granted. It’s like a game, similar to love game. Not only fundraising but recruiting, cooperating and managing teams. If you want to win than you can’t be weak and emotional.

As a female entrepreneur (and a singer-songwriter) I think the first challenge is to deal with my emotions. I can get devastate by a cold shoulder, and get hyped by some people’s nice words. Especially when I care about something too much, I can never handle it well. And if I’m at a balance of desire/rationality then I am good. The emotional part inside me often influence my instant reaction and it normally leads the situation to where I don’t want to be. Not only to mix business decisions with personal flavor but also misleading or inner-confusing what I really want.

As I can’t really talk about my fundraising status hence the vague paragraph. But as soon as I found my emotions is not taking me to anywhere good in business, I started to calm myself down and look it through my business instead of following what everyone’s doing.

There are different types of emotions in startup life.

Negative emotions from Startup Life


I didn’t even know the word “recalcitrant” so pardon me if I use the wrong way. It’s when people don’t agree with you and you think you are right, but you are not 100% sure so you tend you prove it with strong words.


When you are in a low tide and look at others on the high tide, instead of learning about why they are successful you simply want to rob them.


When you are attacked, or got bad comment about what you do, no matter if you think they are right or wrong, you just want to fight back.


It’s when you say or do something that you wish you have never said or done. You just want to kick yourself in the butt.


It’s when you get annoyed but couldn’t say it because it might not actually be illegal. It’s like when you sleep at 8pm can’t blame the neighbor having party.


It’s when you feel nobody understands you, maybe they don’t think your business is going great even when you tell them the best progress you have ever done.

So those bad emotions are something you want to control. There are also many positive emotion that I got a lot.

Positive emotions from Startup Life


You feel touched when you found others totally understand what you are doing and why you are so excited about it. Because Bounty Hunter is a marketplace with a little complicated proposition, sometimes it’s hard to me to explain the core value with only one sentence. So I feel particularly touched when people immediately get what we are doing.


I admire many of my batchmates for their savvy and creativity. They are study objects.


It’s exciting without reason. Sometimes I don’t have to drink to feel tipsy just to have some funny talk with friends.


It’s when you achieve a milestone, can be really small but still feel good about it. Maybe not enough to brag about it but secretly you are proud of yourself. Like I finish digging many metrics out of our database and done all analytics for my users, I felt fulfilled.


I basically feel loved every day. It’s when I feel there are people care about me.

Basically all the emotions come from interaction with other people, for me, no matter if it’s negative or positive feeling, if it goes too big it effect my instant reaction. So I tend to minimize the negative one and keep the positive ones but control it.