Discover Mile End East London by Barclays-Cycling

Today I’m off cosmetics (pardon for my plain face), went barclays-cycling from Mile End to Hoxton along the canel, in total of 10KM. Felt so good to finally do some exercise in London. I’ve been craving for a run since I moved here, watching everybody running in front of me but couldn’t run because I didn’t bring trainers was killing me (thought about running by barefoot, really!).

See? I envy her. This is the view from my lovely single tiny room.

But uh, what can I do? I guess cycling is basically the same or even better as an exercise, and I’m moving out soon, so I’d like to discover this area more, by a cycling trip.

This is my route generated by RunKeeper.

There are many cute animals, many boats and great views.

When I said many boats, I mean “MANY BOATS”. Like a train, but they are boats!

And because there are many people go jogging or cycling passing by here, the owner of the boats are smart enough to open their little own stores. There are book store and cloths store. I really enjoyed this kind of, hmm how should I put this, aberrant kind of market, make me think of countryside.

And ducks this goose is as lazy as humans, doing it’s little sun bathing. Even when I’m really close to it, it’s not afraid.

And there’s a riverside restaurant, if I come with my friends, I’d like to take a break here and have a drink.

This lady is a boat owner, she has to open the gate the make the water-level the same, and then drive the boat in.

And there’s an amazing Chinese-style pavilion, so funny to see this in London.

This was where I stop and went back.

During the trip, I found that there are plenty of graffiti around here, these are the ones I like:

And apparently someone is obsessed with “teeth”.

It was nice to discover this area, since I know I’ll probably never live around here anymore, I’ve been trying my best to cease the opportunities to enjoy it. The closest supermarket is called “Budgens”, never heard of that, I only know Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco. This “Budgens” is located under a bridge.

Endorphin got!…

— Hana 花水木 (@hanamizuki) April 22, 2012

There’s a big picture contains many photos from where I live now below, as the end of this post.

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