Dad Talking about Dating a Man

After years of separation to my Dad, we chatted on Skype today. Because me and my boyfriend just broke up and I was suffering a severe depression. I had to talk to someone and I saw him online, we started a chat.

  • My Dad is a really calm person.

Hana : Daddy

Hana : I broke up with my boyfriend, so sad

Dad : Boyfriend where?

Hana : in London

Dad : Okay that’s a short one, won’t impact your long-term life.

Hana : It’s been 8 months

Hana : not long but we lived together

Hana : Now I’m all alone lost in London, crying everyday

Dad : Just go again. You have no problem having boyfriend

Hana : but emotionally I can’t release myself

Hana : I’m afraid I’m hurt permanently

Hana : I feel desperate

Dad : Premarital dating is the education and training to learn how to deal with this

Dad : a break-up means a failure dating or you’re not good at recognizing good men, not a big deal

Dad : just put him on normal-friends list

Hana : hmm…

Dad : For women, looking for a boyfriend especially a serious one is like picking shoes, should find ones that fit your feet and don’t only care the look. The personality, does he has a big heart to contain your flaws, and tastes should be similar or can fit each other

Hana : I’m just sad because we can be happy together, and I’m lonely now. I haven’t been single for 10 years

Hana : Now I’m suffering depression

Dad : from my perspective it’s nothing, everyone should be independent.

Hana : so hard…

Dad : not necessary to undo the splashed water

Hana : (crying) I’m so weak

Dad : build your career, and make yourself strong. and find one who can match your condition

Hana : but I can’t work now, I can’t eat, and I have to cry until no tears and strength and then can sleep, but still wake up many times

Dad : Dating is a learning, a break-up is better than a divorce

Dad : break up when you should break up. change a place, come back to taiwan earlier

Dad : everything comes with a reason

Hana : okay…(crying)


My father totally entertained me. Thanks.