2 Days Trip to Yi-Lan, East of Taiwan

(This is me and my lovely sister.)

Sorry to those who’s ever wondering why I didn’t update my blog for a long time if there is any. I had a really tough March, triple strikes happened at the same time, couldn’t put myself together and was confused about my work, family and love – basically everything. It’s like someone cut my chest and took away different pieces of my organ. Can’t even tell which part hurts the most. As for now, I still can’t say I’m standing up and ready to walk again, but at least it seems I’m still alive. Most precious part is I’m still me, so to speak, I’m still working on my passion, close to my family and loving whom I loved.

Even luckier, I have a sweet sister who took me out for two days. It’s so good to be born in Taiwan as it’s a place where there are spectacular mountain scenics and beaches that you can go surfing or go diving, and you can go to these places, totally countryside all in just few hours. And we have one of the most modern city in Asia: Taipei. And the food in Taiwan is wonderful, snacks, seafood, noodles, food is what I always miss when I’m abroad.

This time we went to Yilan, it’s 1 hour driving from Taipei, you have to pass a 12KM tunnel, and you’ll see the endless sea line and mountain on the other side. Can’t imagine it’s so close to the concrete jungle. The tunnel was like a time machine tunnel, you go back to a relatively primitive world.

I was so down that my friend suggested me to do something exciting, to change my focus. Oh so I went to walk on the steel wire.

It was really scary, didn’t know I was a coward, really. I had to sing when walking on the steel wire in case I’m too scared and wet my pantie. It was quite windy and everything is wavering, this is how insecure feels physically I guess.

And I can’t be too focused on my singing either, I had to watch my step as my shoes were kind of slippery, I knew even if I fall, there were security net down there, but I was still so nervous. The worst part is once you’re on the wire, you can’t just say Oh my God I’m not playing this – You’ll have to finish it.

After walking I had to jump down, felt quite good.

Hmm didn’t expect to write so much about that wire, actually it was just 10 minutes. Sometimes I feel time is not time anymore, happy moment burns the time when sad moment slow it down.

At night we went to a famous night market in the east of Taiwan, loving it!

After night market, it’s the hot spring time! Didn’t take picture but I use “Paper” to draw (I’ll introduce this super cool app later), still don’t know how to write beautifully on iPad.

The next day we went to this cultural museum. Cultural museum? Yes we didn’t go in so have no idea how it was other than it’s a “cultural museum”.

And we went to a wood factory. Woods everywhere!

And we put ourselves into this trunk by turns and took picture, it was quite fun.

And the whole trip, I was listening to this hit, it’s a toxic to me. I didn’t use to play one song over and over: I got tired easily. But since last year, I start to be able to do single-repeat. I guess my heart is settled and I became more and more stable. Don’t know if it’s even a good news. Anyway, let’s listen to this song again and finish this post! Everything will be better and better. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ